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Course Evaluation
Course: Advanced Sectional Matrix Techniques        Date: 4/21/20 
Efficiency of course*

Consistency of course objectives with what was advertised*

Objective regarding the challenges that can make restoring MODs difficult and how to properly go about restoring this type of case was adequately addressed and achieved.*

Objective regarding how the clinician can prepare and restore a wide prep in a few simple steps, even when missing a cusp was adequately addressed and achieved.*

Objective regarding why back-to-back restorations are difficult to restore with a sectional matrix and the best practices for restoring this specific case was adequately addressed and achieved.*

Objective regarding how to handle multiple restorations was addressed and achieved.*

Appropriateness of organization, relevance, presentation, and depth of course*

Instructor's demonstration and knowledge comprehension of subject was appropriate*

Appropriateness of instructor's interest and enthusiasm regarding the topic*

Relevance and quality of audio/visual materials used*

Rate the course overall*

Rate the instructor*

Rate the course as it relates to meeting your expectations*

Based on this course, I plan on attending future courses*
Overall comments (positive and negative):
Other topics and/or speakers you would like to have offered:
MOD restorations should only be performed using a Tofflemire-style circumferential matrix band.*
A. True
B. False
Using a wedge interproximally (pre-wedging) BEFORE starting to prepare the tooth has the following benefit(s):*
A. Reduces the likelihood of inadvertent bur contact with the adjacent tooth.
B. Can make matrix band placement easier by beginning to separate the teeth.
C. Prevents bur contact with the rubber dam thereby aiding isolation.
D. All of the above.
Sectional matrix system placement should proceed in the following order:*
A. First place the band, then the wedge, and lastly the separator ring.
B. First place the band, then the separator ring, and lastly slide a wedge in through the channel provided in the separator ring tip.
C. It doesn't matter--the components can be placed in any order.
Back-to-back Class II restorations are as simple as a typical single tooth Class II and don't require any special technique considerations.*
A. True
B. False